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STEP – a variety of exercises using the stepper. Think you’ve mastered it? Buy some resistance bands from HSTV for an upper body workout while you step.

GRIP – Grab the handles for push and pull exercises – press ups, dips, bent over rows etc.

TWIST – The comfortable twist seat is unrestricted so can be used from any angle for a variety of twisting exercises. Twist moves target parts of the core (transverse abdominis) responsible for pulling your tummy in.

JUMP – Plyometric (jump) exercises are excellent for strength and power and there.

Yes. FITT Cube is your Functional Interval Training Tool (FITT). You dictate the tempo and the intensity and you choose your workout. We have highlighted which exercises we feel are more advanced but once you feel comfortable, they should all be achievable.

We’d recommend doing between 10 to 15 exercises per workout. Mix up upper and lower body work to get a total body, heart raising workout. Simply flip the cube during your rest period to the side you need for the next exercise.

Interval training is a great way to get an intense workout in a short period of time.A common split is 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. If you carried out 10 exercises at this rate, you would complete your workout in 10 minutes! No matter how busy you are,you can spare 10 minutes!

One of the big advantages of interval training is you can change the work-to-rest ratio. If you’re finding the workout too difficult, simply extend the rest period or reduce the work period. If you want to make it more intense, shorten the rest period and extend the work intervals.

There is no maximum or minimum height limit for FITT Cube. It is a training tool that can be comfortably used by a wide variety of heights.

240 lbs as the maximum weight.

They are 14x5x2 inches.

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